Moon of the Dark Teacher

snow moonI woke up at 5 am with a feeling of hope.  The last night of The Moon of the Dark Teacher, and with it a welcome energetic shift.  Dawn hasn’t happened yet but I know the world will look fresh and clean and new when the light comes to several inches of new snow on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.  I feel like I have so much more clarity today.  The metaphor that came to me is that I’m just not going to be a fish.  A fish can’t live in the air.  All these years I’ve been trying to live under water, acquiring more and more ‘things’ to make that possible.  But always feeling suspicious that my ‘things’ would fail and so getting more things to assure success.  But I have wings that don’t work if I have too much weight.  Irony is not without sense of humor.  I’ve been trying, with only moderate success, to be a fish.  It hasn’t killed me yet, but imagine how we winged ones can thrive if we stop trying to live under water!  I think that is part of what my sabbatical time has meant for me.  I really see all the ways I’ve tried to be normal.  At last I really see how ridiculous that has been.   Aren’t you as tired as I am of the weight of all of this?  The water even, it is so compressing to be under it!  Let’s all start filling our lungs to capacity with AIR…  then we’ll buoy on the surface and slide effortlessly with the current until our wings are dry enough to work for us.  I feel better just thinking about it.  When I looked up what ‘wings’ mean symbolically, I found


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