the creative way

prayer flag

Trust that you are safe. Trust that the world is conspiring to help you. What is faith, but patience? You might think it is foolishness, it will at certain points have the potential to look like absolute stupidity. A life without trust, faith and patience can be a life you choose – – that is certainly your right. But be careful, ‘safe and tidy’ are not necessarily in keeping with your highest potential. Yes, you can choose a life of mediocrity. But be mindful that sometimes boredom drives people to do terrible things that no trepidation or fear ever could. The angst that comes from traveling to the unknown and the unknowable can also be interpreted as excitement, and always the creative is palpable in this place. If you trust in finding a creative solution for all expansion and growth of this brave life you could be living, then you will never again believe a predictable life is worthy.

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