the earliest spring since 1896


spring nettle

This spring (vernal) equinox will happen during the very early hours on Sunday, March 20th. Hurray– this is the earliest spring since 1896!

Equinox means “equal night,” when the sun is positioned directly above our equator. The creativity akin to fertility that begins pulsing above ground at this time tells us to come out of our hibernation and consider what we might like to do with our “one wild and precious life.” (-Mary Oliver ❤ ) Spring is that gorgeous awakening that inspires us to look for glimmers of the self we may like to grow.

In ancient traditions, spring equinox would be celebrated as the start of the new year. One of the four great solar festivals, much preparation would have gone into welcoming the budding growth cycle. After a thorough deep clean and a thoughtful purging, there would be a sense that new goals could be set and that steps could begin in those directions. There would be planning of crops and tilling of soils. There would be dancing! Unlike the artificial turn of our conventional calendar in January, this seasonal new year places the power of alignment behind our aspirations.The natural rhythms at spring equinox are about rebirth and renewed confidence. An optimism is pushing up through the soil and out through the branches. This energy can assist us in cleansing the excesses, the toxicity, and the old cloying habits that are preventing us from seeing clearly. [The urge for spring cleaning abounds! Seize the day!] At this time, we have more assistance (energetically) to let go of the old, to make room for the new. We begin asking, “Is there a way to be happy with this life?”

In February the cycles of nature aligned us with the capacity to look at our deepest hunger. [read about the hunger moon ] As this new and palpable change in our natural environment approaches, we build on this concept of cycles by review of what is filling up our container (our life). We can begin again to consciously assess if our choices are yielding us long-term satisfaction and supporting foundations. 

Meeting our needs and offering legitimate nourishment is not easy at times, but it is simple. From the study of rhythms in nature we can gain invaluable insight for our own life sustainability and how to thrive!

Are you enjoying your story?
Go for a long walk at your next opportunity. Imagine you have wiped your eyes clean of the sleepiness of winter and look at the crisp world that is vibrating in every branch and bird. See if you can feel in your body the sap rising up in the trees and imagine you are rising up too. Take your full height. Be willing to allow the sap and flutter from outside to fill you. Imagine you are drawing spring energy through the soles of your feet up into your lungs as you take a deep, intentional breath. Breathe it out through your heart back into the world. Visualize that you are an integrated part of this nature. “See” how you can allow the energy in and through each cell of your body in the same way you take in the air that fills your lungs. Let the whole of nature breathe you. Be willing to surrender anything that inhibits this flow of energy in your body— just let it go out on the breath of this seasonal power.

Over the next several days, read things you find inspirational and write down your conscious intentions for this year. Study after study finds that our human potential improves remarkably if we merely write down our goals. This simple method is a consciousness awareness practice. If you feel committed to a particular goal you may even want to put it somewhere you might read it right before you fall asleep and then again when you first wake up. 

It takes energy to be healthy and it takes energy to be sick. Choose your direction consciously and then begin your journey of the year in that direction. 

May your path be blessed with love and light,


fresh nettle tea

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