Solstice ☀️

I have climbed high, high, high up to a place where I can no longer hear the traffic, or the machines of civilization, I have no cell service (will send this message later). I have gone alone to a bowl in the topography of the mountains where I have found nourishment, nourishment for my soul. I used to be ashamed of my climbing to these places, as if I was shirking my contributions. I did not understand then, there is deep value in taking in nourishment. This kind of behavior I have learned from the wild, wise elders who inhabit these cosmos. The self-reliant understand that there is a give and a take, a flow of nourishment that comes in and through us. We must find that place where we can be vitalized and spend time there. That place for me is in the wild lands of nature. It takes consistent resistance to the overcultures’ messages that are designed to keep us drained and dependent. I send word from this luminous place as way of reminder.  

As we near the longest day of light in the Northern hemisphere, the summer solstice, also on the full moon, an energetically powerful alignment, I want to communicate this message that has been gifted to me by the wisdom-holders. Our culture is ensnared by a psychological adolescence which is the natural development phase for an adolescent. For those reading this that are not an adolescent, my message is to join me in holding space for the maturity and enrichment of our culture and of our world. There is work to be done, land to be tended, a world to be held sacred. In this deep growing season to come, it is vital that we raise our consciousness and bond together in the making of nourishment. Starting the season that can be most bountiful depleted will not yield a sufficient amount of nourishment to live strong through the winter to come. If we survive that once, we are weakened and vulnerable. Though many things are outside our control when it comes to nourishment, stewardship, and the foundations of life, we cannot use this as excuse to go unconscious of the things that are absolutely within our influence. A mature adult takes responsibility for their own life and the life that they support in their field of influence. We have become a time-impoverished culture due predominantly to consensus. The nourishment we require cannot sustain that paradigm. So listen to your soul this summer, awaken. Find those places of nourishment, real and deep non-commercial sources of nourishment, and run for your life to them in wild abandon! Do not stop for a moment to listen to the admonishment from the adolescent culture that instructs you to stay in your ignorance.  

Hiking to this green place framed by the blue and vast forever, I had a word singing through me from no known origin. Of course I have heard the word but couldn’t recall what it meant. It made it more noteworthy that it came from mid-air. 

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

I looked it up when I returned to the land of cell service: 

Sanskrit: “Be calm, rest, tranquility, bliss, a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of discord or stress. ”

I had gone to that place to think about impermanence, the question I struggle with because I know its truth. Maturity is about developing this capacity to discern the truth and then accept it, live in harmony with it. In a world, and especially a culture that shed its time-honored traditions of real ceremony that acknowledges life change, we are left to fend for ourselves. Often we are self-initiating into and through our rites of passage. This is draining for sure, if not outright dangerous. The rites of passage are like the seasons, which teach us all of the life-death-life cycles of which we humans are absolutely a part.  

I came to this place because I needed to make peace and take rest with the knowledge of impermanence. What does it look like to live and to thrive when everything is changing all the time and the illusion of permanence is a cultural addiction that the striving for is riddling our entire planet with cancers, traumas, and diseases? How can I find a way to live and serve here when I have seen the structures our society manufactures are disastrous? We live in a way that assumes we and the planet will not die. The lie creates an absolute adolescent, adrenaline-seeking recklessness that leaves the mature drained and the immature vulnerable. If we mature to the level of accepting that change happens, whether we agree to it or not, then we take real stewardship of the life we have, the nourishment is rich and abundant. We understand that the work we put in to this long, light-offering growing season is in the effort to sustain us when the winter comes, as it does, and we prepare for it because we are willing to learn from the messengers of change that have already asserted themselves for each and every person. 

I write this to my friends, the other lovers of this great, green earth.  I am contributing this communication to all those who embody the archetypes of the healer, artist, nurturer, visionary and wisdom keeper. I know that you hear it too: the call to your place in the great poem. We are taking residence in our bowls of creation, holding space in the holy lands, and beginning to unite our light. When the light of one crosses the other, this is called amplification . This is the work now, the amplification of the life-giving forces. 

In the long, sustaining days of light we put in to practice preserving and storing, fertilizing and nurturing, birthing and developing measures to create nourishment that will sustain ourselves, others and the planet we call home through the changing, impermanent experience of being alive. I hope you will seek your nourishment, take your rest, create space for change and growth, release to the compost pile that which has expired, and step by step eliminate each and every thing in your life that creates dis-ease and malnourishment. Use all your Creativity for life-growing.

Be calm, be at peace, take rest, go to the tranquility, live your bliss, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.