root medicine 

The Ancient Puebloans called the moon that has just arrived “moon when all is gathered in.” The Puebloans were among the people native to the land where I now find myself. I am wondering, if like the name they called this moon, you have been feeling the need to “gather in” like I have.    
I have been on a journey that has now spanned nearly two years. The archetype of “the seeker” has ruled my guiding stars and I’ve navigated in spirals combing not only through the many parts of my own life but through the many landscapes of the Rocky Mountains. I have been looking for something I could not begin to name and as you know it’s not easy to hit a target you cannot see. This has not necessarily been a journey my eyes could interpret, though the beauty I have witnessed could inspire a lifetime. This journey has instead been an intuitive process of listening with my deepest heart. I have been listening for things words could not tell and though I was nearly ready to give up what was beginning to feel like an insane process, I knew when I had found what I was seeking at last. And I also know what it has cost me to find it, which was everything.  

What I mean by this is when you find yourself at that crossroads, what it requires is to make a full decision. If you choose, (though you don’t have to, you can wait out your life there at that in-between) but if you choose, that gateway demands that you leave behind what you thought was true, what you called yours, what was familiar and in most cases from the point of my own observation of others and my own experiences, who you thought you were and all your baggage too. If you think you can take it with you, it might be that you will quickly be stripped of it on the other side of that threshold, or you may find that you must put it down for the sole reason it is heavy. Be willing to take the empty-handed leap into the void. But let me tell you, it is better if you do that without expecting there will be a net to catch you, that could happen, but the notion is superfluous. If you’re going to leap you have to do it not knowing what is there, you have to leap with the only thing you can really take with you, and most don’t know what that is until it’s done. Don’t have time for all of that? I have learned that I don’t have time not to. Maybe something else is true for you. Or like I said, you can stay at the in-between for what we all consider forever if you choose. But if you decide you must know what else there is to this life, then you’re going to have to figure it out as you go and leap without waiting to know what comes next.  

Perhaps you have arrived somewhere after all of that already and find yourself now contemplating what to do. The Ancient Puebloans named this moon “moon when all is gathered in.” This moon tells us what nature’s wisdom knows: gather your life now, take stock, nourish yourself effectively through these long days of harvest work. Start sleeping a little longer as the hours of light dictate and shake off all your leaves. You might need to let go of all of those things you were so excited about in the spring and turn that vitality over to your roots.  

With this seasonal shift we are moving into root time (when vitality retreats below the surface). Gather and store root vegetables to cook with and consider root medicine too, especially if you’re feeling anxious, tired or weak. I’ll be including a list of some of my favorites here soon. You can order dried root or tinctures medicinals from my office or purchase them from a quality herb shop. Quality is very important when you use roots in food or medicine as they have the capacity to sponge up not only vital and obscure nutrients but also all kinds of toxins. By incorporating quality roots into your diet this autumn and into the winter you will be doing a lot to nurture your body, mind and spirit. In meditation give some thought to this concept of what cannot be seen below your surface but from which you draw so much for the force of your life.   

“When the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.” -Ancient Proverb
Wishing you may find harmony with nature in this season!

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