It’s a warm summer morning so rich it’s permeating me with that particular smell only fresh summer mornings have. I am blessed for this morning, really, I feel the blessing to my bone centers. I feel it calling back my childhood heart that was so wild and joyous and—what?—integrated. I am hearing my calling, hearing it, like standing on a cliffside above the ocean, seeing as far as one can see, hearing as far as one can hear, not just with mind and body, but with soul. I am hearing as far as I can hear with my soul. 
My mind and my body are being wrapped in my soul’s soft morning shawl permeated by summer light and summer smell. Summer, in the land of my people of the North country, is distinct.
I imagine that people who can love living somewhere with less dramatic seasons are more evolved than me. My cavewoman self, who is still a hunting/gathering genetic, needs seasons to understand life and my place in it. I need these mornings when I land in my writing position to a crisp clean morning dawn in several layers of wool that get discarded one at a time until I’m nearly naked and my skin is laughing from the sun before I have even finished my meditation.
Listen for just a minute, can you hear it? Really listen. The whole natural world is alive. It has something rich and old to share. In the summer mornings it tells kind things about nourishment, about how you are loved. If you have forgotten, run, run for your life out-of-doors, even if to just a place you can see a square inch of sky. Run prisoner, run outside, escape! Escape just to see and hear and feel the touch of the sun on your skin.

the creative way

prayer flag

Trust that you are safe. Trust that the world is conspiring to help you. What is faith, but patience? You might think it is foolishness, it will at certain points have the potential to look like absolute stupidity. A life without trust, faith and patience can be a life you choose – – that is certainly your right. But be careful, ‘safe and tidy’ are not necessarily in keeping with your highest potential. Yes, you can choose a life of mediocrity. But be mindful that sometimes boredom drives people to do terrible things that no trepidation or fear ever could. The angst that comes from traveling to the unknown and the unknowable can also be interpreted as excitement, and always the creative is palpable in this place. If you trust in finding a creative solution for all expansion and growth of this brave life you could be living, then you will never again believe a predictable life is worthy.


1000 acres tail to sunrise renderThe process known as the life cycle can be understood through the symbol of the seed.  In order for it to live to its fullest potential it must go down into the darkest dark and wait.  Time must pass in this dark place where it does not yet know what it is doing.  Then, something happens to it—warmth comes.  The seed does not make seasons change, life does that.  Suddenly, and unexpectedly, everything starts breaking apart and all that was inside it pushes out.  To someone who doesn’t understand nature, the process of life being in constant cycles of creation, those that happen regardless of desire, behavior, or choices– to this seed, it would look like complete and utter catastrophe.

Dear you, human being, do you believe you have not come from the equivalent of this seed?