Holistic Clinical Work

  • Acupuncture
  • General & Preventive Medicine
  • Holistic Health Counseling (phone coaching sessions also available)
  • Treatment for Pain & Injury
  • Custom Herbal Prescriptions
  • Zen Shiatsu Therapy

Wild Counsel

The consultation work Marissa Mayer provides is a process that facilitates health on the deepest levels of the mind-body-spirit axis.  She challenges us to listen to our own inner wisdom, identify our values, and transform unsustainable habits that fracture our wholeness.  Drawing from tools of ancient wisdom, philosophy and medicine, as well as more modern ones from archetypal, analytical, and positive psychology, we are guided to access our own inner counsel to create a new lifestyle design.  Once seen and recognized, these elements can become absorbed into the realm of choice.  Choice is constantly directing your future whether consciously or unconsciously.  All accessible and useful energy is in the true present.  All physical and emotional symptoms are communication.  Sometimes we are so conditioned by habits and cultural belief patterns that we cannot listen to the wise counselor within.  At these times we benefit from seeking outside consultation.

“There have been times I would have given a body part in exchange for a map or a wise guide,” says Marissa, “my journey up the mountain was perhaps harder than it had to be.  But what I learned is no one can climb it for me, I have to do it, have to, and so do you.  That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be as absolutely prepared as possible to do the work.  When big change comes, it is something that happens to us. The Elders call it a rite of passage.  There are qualifiable markers along the path of initiation.  All of nature is in perpetual change–change or die, it tells us.  That is why these developmental gateways seem so terrifying, they are actually asking us if, and how well, we are willing to live on a soul level.  The mind and body are not separate from soul or spirit, they are just different, shall we say, densities of same thing.  A rite of passage is something that happens to us, when you find yourself there, at That Gateway, know there are stages to the process of evolving.  Learn as much as you can so you can prepare as best as you can for your empty-handed leap into the void.  Prepare your physical body so it is functioning optimally, determine which supports are most vital for your psyche, and do the work….”

In these consultation sessions Marissa helps you assess which factors would benefit you the most by strengthening and which, if released, would free up much needed resources.  She offers tools in the form of homework, guided meditations, herbal and dietary therapy, resource information and referrals, depending on your needs.

“Sometimes it’s just about making a decision to start your journey, and then the unfolding begins.”

Sessions are most typically scheduled for 30 to 60 minutes.  [details]



I once lived some winters outside in the forest of the mountains
it changed me
in ways that cannot be told.
Its silence seeped all the way in,
and this is a problem with silence–
it has a lot to be heard.
Once I began to understand this music,
I have become uninterested in the same homogenized story,
the hero’s saga that humans have been addicted to for centuries–
isn’t it time to tell an older story?
One with rich and silent undercurrents,
a textured forest in insulating snow,
moonlight and stars over frozen meadows,
and then in one thundering crack
when the lake begins to thaw
the symphony of spring begins.
This is not the story as I remember it told,
but the one born from stillness.
After the snowmelt,
the fat earthworms crawl out on the path in the dawn light—
what winter-weakened bird could ever see them and not believe in Bliss?


protected by copyright—all rights reserved and may not be used without express written permission of the author Marissa Mayer